Extemproea’s training philosophy

My training philosophy is about facilitating learning using multiple different facilitation and training techniques. I am good at sensing the group’s state, being very present in the room, ready to change something if what I prepared is not working. I believe in self-directed learning, meaning people should be able to “Pull” learning opportunities to themselves (not be assigned to courses) During my HRD career I saw many great trainers, and many not so great. I learned a lot from both groups.

As a  trainer I draw from latest neuroscience (memory formation, emotions, contextual domain, experience, reflection etc.) to make the training as powerful and memorable as possible. What I receive best feedback about is my down-to-earth presence, real-life examples, a good balance of energy and reflection, and of using different creative and activating facilitation techniques and exercises.

“Your energy in the room is remarkable”

“This is a fun way of learning!”

“Now I see the big picture”

I have facilitated learning for groups, during conferences (>100 ppl), for managers, BU management groups, HRs, blue collars. I like face to face training, but can do virtual in a focused manner activating the crowd.

Languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. I understand Danish and Norwegian (on an everyday talk level, so exercises can be run in those languages)

My best training memory is from a recent Culture workshop streak. A soon to be retired worker came up to me after the workshop,  said it was the best training he has ever been to, trying to disguise his emotions behind a rough outside. The next day I found fruits in the training room with the note “To the teacher, thank you, N.N”

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