Time is my asset

As an entrepreneur there is just X hours a week I can work for my customers. I am pretty good in what I do. I create value and my customers so far have been  pretty satisfied with the results.

If you like the initial discussion, we will together agree of a price tag on my time. The price tag is agreed with You, so that you can feel employing me is value for the money. We will agree that everything I work on after the initial meeting is billable hours (including designing and coaching with you on delivery/design/processes, phone calls, e-mailing, travel time) and we will also agree on mutually respectful payment terms and change terms (i.e. date changes)

Ideology – Let’s not waste your and my time with power points.

If you really are looking for a professional with my qualifications, let’s have a chat. If we find common grounds, we can very openly discuss compensation, and save both of our time.  Cutting an RFP process early on saves both of us so much time, that even if we failed in any first step, you’d have the time to kick me out and find another partner in less time than you’d run a couple of rounds of RFP  (with additional learning on why I/we failed, which, in fact would save you a lot of money on not making the same mistake big time).

I am happy to have an initial meeting with you to understand your need and discuss my possible ideas/solutions.

Please respect my entrepreneurship not to ask me to use hours and hours on writing down my solutions for you on a power point, for free. Thank you!

The other side of the table…

I thought consultants were SO expensive when I worked in HR, how dare they charge  thousands of euros per day? On the other side of the table it looks pretty different. We create proposal documents, using tens of hours to think through what would be good for You and trying to get a complex message through in “Can you put everything on 2 slides, please”. We use at least double the time to prepare for a training day, so the prep time is around 10-16 hours for a day of training (including training planning). The world changes, so there are a lot of changes for deliveries: all the e-mailing about dates, participants, changes, venue, seeing that there is materials, getting to know the client organization etc.

I  realize how much invisible work there is on this side of the table. And I try to cut down any invisible work, that is not creating value for my clients. That includes writing power points in an early stage.

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