Modern Organizations Training

This is a series of three workshops (á 2,5 hours) building a strong foundation for both HRs and managers to understand the fundamental differences in the management paradigms of current organizations and modern (agile, lean, self directed, scattered) organizations.

First workshop: “Know thyself“.
System 1: Current organizations: Top-down, Control, Reporting, Planning, Decisions made on the top, Pay for performance.
You will through a creative and engaging workshop get insights about the building blocks for our current organizations.

Second workshop: “Turn the world upside down“.
System 2: Lean, Agile, Self-directedness, Co-creation, Digi, Social media, etc…
You will get insights and understanding in the fundamental differences of the modern management requirements compared to System 1.

Third workshop: “What are we going to do about it?
After letting the insights sink in, you are going to connect your insights to your current organization and think about ways forward.

The workshop will help you realize the modern management expectations (for HR, management practices, leadership etc.). It can be run for groups of max 12 persons. The training is recommended for groups who need to understand how  future organizations will work and what the fundamental differences between current state and future organizations are.

This workshop is useful for managers in an agile change. It will help them realize how they are “programmed” by the current system to work in a certain way, and help them “re-program” themselves.

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