Manager’s Learning Circle

Who am I to say what managers need to learn? Who are you in HR to say you know better than themselves what is important for them to learn?

Managers Learning Circle is a training for managers, where the participants themselves create both the curriculum, the pace of learning and decide on the methods of learning.Wicked, I know! And it works!

Extemporea serves as a challenger, facilitator and brings the process of learning. This self-directed facilitated learning is piloted in one organization and the feedback was very convincing.  The concept is very cost efficient for an international company, since a lot of the learning happens over the web, in pairs, at work and over the phone.

I can’t believe agile methodology works for learning with colleagues!

The trust in the group is essential to allow open sharing.

MLC can be run for groups with up to 12 people. It requires in minimum 2-day face-2-face kick off, and a 1-day f2f closing. Additionally some f2f days decided by the group itself.

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