Lego Serious Play

Lego  Serious Play

Lego serious play (LSP) bring in ideas from the non-conscious, non-linear and creative thinking. It reveals connections, energy, cause-effect relationships, power relations. It is great in revealing a complex system’s dynamics and hidden powers. It is a beautiful faciliation method for any kind of co-creation, creative thinking and creating common understanding. Great connecting workshops can be designed with LSP for e.g. new teams.

Hands-on active

Lego SP is one of the most active and respectful facilitation methods. With a great facilitator every person in the room will be involved, the common understanding and energy level can be kept on a very high level. It is NOT at all a light way of working, very soon people forget they are dealing with toys, and the legos become strong metaphors of real work life issues, strategies, leadership etc.


Any kind of workshops can be designed by a certified LSP facilitator. The workshops last between 3h – 3 working days. A strategy workshop can be run in 2 days, a culture workshop 2 days, co-creating a team’s understanding of a limited issue can be done in 3 h. With my experience as a trainer, coach and facilitator I am able to also include parts of LSP into my training or coaching. I prefer to run whole workshops with LSP, though.

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