Lean Induction process

Before I knew what lean meant I designed a lean business introduction program for KONE Oyj in Finland.

Here is what I did NOT want:

  • I did not want to bother the BU heads with introducing the same stuff over again to people.
  • I did not want to have BU heads update their slide decks three times a year.
  • I did not want new hires to be bored to death with bad power point presentations.

Here is what I designed (please feel free to copy!)

  • Place newcomers into cross functional groups
  • Give each group 1-2 BU’s to do research on
  • Have an introductory webinar to explain the task
  • BU heads and professionals meet with the group
  • Group creates a presentation, max 5 slides on the BU
  • Group designs an activity/game/task connected to the presentation
  • Group presents their work during the intro day
  • BU heads are present during their own BU presentation to answer questions

Everyone loved this. Newcomes learnt some BU’s deeper, the day was active, and it was no extra effort from BU heads.



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