HR Consulting

Redesigning HR – step by step, with you

My passion is to follow the HR field and the studies /reports /gurus of this field and fields highly impacting HR. I want to participate in re-thinking HR and in re-DOING it with you. My specialty is “social hacking”, making social stuff work better in organizations. There are amazing examples of younger organizations, who build their HR processes from scratch. They make social workplace innovations a daily routine, they build on openness, transparency, fairness, purpose, mastery, learning, autonomy. Brain-friendly workplaces really exist! That, unfortunately, cannot be copied. You need to start the journey yourself to renew your HR.

Navigating current and new HR

The current HR field is very familiar to me. I have worked with most areas of local HR (apart from negotiating with unions and layoffs). Most corporate (global) HR processes are familiar to me (Talent, Performance, International Mobility, Succession planning, Rewarding and incentives etc). I don’t believe in consultants coming telling you what to do. I don’t hand answers for you, but I will help you discover. I also understand that a traditional organization takes a long time to turn, but that is not an excuse for not starting right now. Very strong common sense, 10 years of experience working in organizations HR, Neuroscience/NeuroLeadership, Lean start-up thinking, and agile adaptive methods are the foundations to my work.

I don’t come with BS-bingo and power points. I come with a lot of supportive stretching and challenging. Let’s start breaking the “old rules” together.

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