HR for Agile

“Let’s keep HR as far away as possible from this agile transformation”

“Our agile coaches do not need mentors, they have it under control”

Agile professionals

I  know many brilliant agile professionals, agile coaches and agile trainers. I appreciate your intellect and a sincere, value based development attitude. The agile field has build great, self-directed learning opportunities, conferences, unconferences and communities of practices. As a ex-HRD I am in awe. Learning has, in the best agile teams, become part of work. Finally.

Many agile coaches have a background as ICT professionals. You are very intelligent and quick learners. It seems like you are going through some kind of a “honeymoon” period with people-related methodology (training, facilitation techniques, coaching, personality assessments, etc.). “We don’t need mentoring, because what we are doing already works well”. “Let’s keep HR as far away as possible”.

You know what? This is exactly what traditional managers have said for ages. “We know how to do leading/managing”. “Minimize the contact with HR” (the one corporate function that decides on people related policies).

HR & coaching for Agile

If you are in the midst of an agile transformation maybe you struggle with some stakeholders not really understanding what agile/lean is and how their role is about to change.

Both the “old-school” system and the modern management requirements (lean /agile) are familiar to me. I am a professional brain based coach (certified ACC, ICF) and a certified Scrum Master (2012). I worked in the previous system for nine years. I longed for the agile/lean system for nine of them. I recognize the thinking, emotions, fears, uncertainties, and pressures of both systems. I see how the two systems are colliding, crashing and chewing on each other if forced to work parallel.

I speak “manager” and know how to support managers in defining their new role in an agile environment, and can help them grow in it. Facilitating insights and thinking for executives and leaders about the differences between these systems is crucial. They have to think it through themselves, chew on it, and gradually change.

Mentoring your agile coaches

Sometimes a pair of supportive fresh eyes and ears following your work can be valuable. I can support your agile coaches’ growth through mentoring them in people issues, training & facilitation techniques and help them with the coaching. My viewpoint will be different, since I am not an ICT professional, but a people pro. I can help you engage HR in the agile transformation and “interpret” it all into HR talk.

Most of the challenges you face are not technical. They are people issues.

My honeymoon is long since over. People issues have since then been a passion and grounded in experience and intuition, deep coaching skills, bold conversations and a stretching approach. I can help you bring out more value with people, with your coaches. Also after their honeymoon is over and they want to stretch themselves.

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