Firstbeat HRV

Heart rate variation (HRV) tells the story of your overall wellbeing

As a trained Firstbeat facilitator I can connect physical wellbeing testing to my coaching.
My clients can create a life-changing journey of the coaching process, with proven results both on the mental and physical side.


You will carry a small gadget for 72 hours on your chest. It records a lot of information about your physical state.  The gadget is non-invasive, light, safe and you only remove it for shower, sauna or swimming.


I will prepare your results for you. You will get a 3-5 page report on your physical well-being, physical condition, rest, sleep, and recovery. In a coaching session I will interpret the results with you and with the help of your diary.


You will get a broad understanding of your overall well-being, stress, recovery, and how all of that boils together to what you call your everyday life. It very valuable for people who already feel well, and mighty useful for a bit stressed out people.


The method is scientifically validated and in broad use within pro sports. You can visit Firstbeat’s homepage to read up on the science, use and results around the HRV method.  If the results were alarming I will direct you to a doctor.

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