Extemporea’s facilitation philosophy is

  • plan very well
  • work with what is in the room
  • go with people’s insights
  • always agree on progress & follow up
  • keep pace and have fun

I like to structure and plan my facilitation clearly, and simultaneously be very flexible with what is happening in the room. I tend to have a couple of options down my sleeve, and I engage the participants in deciding how to proceed.

As a facilitator I am pretty bold and have the courage to keep a balance within the group. I cut the usual nonsense in a supportive way and keep a positive atmosphere in the room.

(You know these:  “it’s not us, it’s them”, “there is nothing we can do”, “that’s been tried before”, “nice to make visions, but when it cuts to the real deal of who is doing what the room goes quiet”…).

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