Company Internal Training

Designing Training Deliveries

There are tons of things you’d like the organization to learn. Roll-out in many countries is too expensive with consultants, so you want to do it in-house.

I can help co-create the training delivery with both your best people and the people who need to learn (involving the actual learners in the design process is lean thinking).  I have some talented collaborators to help me with medium-sized projects.

Train the trainers

If you haven’t got professional trainers in-house, we can do our best to get a handful of willing and talented people up and running with delivering your content.

Scandinavian resource

Scandinavia is “my hoods”. I know the cultures and the languages. I have a small network in the Scandinavian countries, with brilliant people. I can be your Scandinavian training pro.

My last job was to design a culture workshop, facilitate it for around 400 people in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and to do Train the trainer for the Baltic countries and Norway.


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