In my business coaching I use brain based models and theories. My coaching clients include Executives in mid-sized companies, VP’s (unit heads), managers and specialists. High performers find coaching very helpful to keep focus, make decisions, prioritize effectively in real time, move towards their visions and to become more grounded in their lives. The coaching process consists of several sessions, usually 6-12 sessions, 2-3 weeks between sessions.

I am a honest and bold coach. I will stretch you and work 100% on your agenda. As a coach I will support your growth, thinking, performance and well-being. Coaching is always confidential, will consist of stretching and will for sure feel challenging at times. For me it is very important to have mutual strong trust and openness in the coaching relationship, since we are not chit chatting over a coffee, but diving into your thinking, emotions, visions, potential and strengths. If you want to build a great coaching relationship, there is a lot of things for you to DO in between sessions. Are you prepared to walk the talk?

What is coaching like with me?

  • It is like having someone who thinks along with you, supports you in accepting, restructuring, finding alternatives and changing what you want to change.
  • It is discussing things with me that you hardly ever discuss with anyone else.
  • It is always solution focused and progress oriented.
  • It is like having someone to vision, plan and progress with. Someone without an own hidden agenda.
  • It is like sitting comfortably in a taxi with a skillful driver, driving with you in the city of your thoughts. We navigate together. I drive the car you are responsible for thinking and choosing direction.
  • It is like having 1.5 hours time to think in a structured and empowering way. Clearing your head. Being ready to perform.
  • I have a corporate background, worked a lot with managers, I “speak engineer and finance”. I am pretty quick and somewhat streetsmart. I can challenge and “poke” your thinking around your work issues, too.

Network of very good coaches

I have a great network of great internationally qualified coaches (ACC’s), working independently. I can gather together a coachpool for you.

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