Agile HR Network

We are currently forming an Agile HR network in Finland. The network consists of

  • People and organizations who have started to question current status of HR, and have modern HR processes in place
  • HR pros who work in agile organizations. (support agile teams, transformation)
  • Agile pros who have been working with Agile transformations
  • IT, Finance, Support professionals working in Agile organizations

We are going to be challenging and learning from each other, creating knowledge and understanding in how to work with people related processes in modern ways. We want to get rid of the functional silos between support functions and see it from the customers point of view. We want to share knowledge and hopefully also impact the thinking around the future of HR management. We want to establish the core of new thinkers around HR, because we are missing that kind of a forum in Finland.

Our aim is to share insights, share knowledge and practices, and to organize events for the thinking to reach a larger audience. Watch this space: (not ready yet..) and twitter Agile4HR for more information. We will activate the network in early spring 2014.

If you are interested in…

  • joining the “core team” (Agile HR and Lean HR are the key concepts to join the core team, you really work with this.)
  • joining the group (anyone interested in learning, sharing, attending),

…then please contact me:

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