Agile for HR

“I’m a VP with 2 MEUR budget, with seven managers as direct reports. HR wants me to use my time to approve these people’s holidays.”

HR “as-is”

It is time for Human Resources to re-think. The HR function has, during the last 30 years, been developed on top of a command-control, top-down and stick-and-carrot ideology. HR processes are overwhelmingly often designed from the perspective of distrust and control; “making sure no one can abuse the system”. This type of HR is not serving an agile organization, but rather the opposite. It’s not enough to tweak or develop the existing processes. It is not enough with annual wellbeing days or Friday beers. And if you still are connecting incentives with annual objectives that are hard to change – please, please wake up.  The system is rapidly changing, so must HR.

HR – are you keeping up?

Agile and Lean thinking

It is time to re-think it all. New lead times, new decision making, new leadership. It has to be built on trust and foster transparency since there is no time for rigid reporting, controlling and “delegate decisions to the top” type of systems anymore. It is time to adaptively re-design HR and try new ways in small scale. Proceed by making a sophisticated guess, trying and learning, adapting, and trying again. Only roll out something the organization wants, needs and finds valuable. Face it – no long term plans are holding anymore. The world is too quick for that. It is time to clean up the HR portfolio and only do stuff which really brings value to the customers (organization, clients).

HR – we need to move, now. Old-school is not enough anymore.

Agile HR

Redesign your HR services to bring value for an Agile unit or organization.

Work in agile or lean ways yourself with HR.

Develop new HR services through a Lean approach, in small iterations, with your customers.

Minimize silos between the support functions (HR, IT, Fina, Marketing) and Lean your services together.

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