About me

I can help you move.

Who, me?

Curious. Analytic. Quick when I need to. Hard working and hard thinking. Educated, but not trapped in patterns. Passionate about the concept of learning and about the brain. Limits, norms and rules are respectfully bendable up to a point, in my opinion. There is a small nerd living inside me, it’s the detail-focused engineer peeking out occasionally. Energetic with sharp focus. Not serious about myself, but serious and intensive in what I do, and I expect it from my collaborators, too. Fun and sometimes witty. I played European handball for most of my life on national level. We lost. We won. After injuries we bounced back. 10 years of corporate experience. I fell in love with the aviation industry.  Heavy industry, pharmaceutical-, ICT- and food industry are familiar as well.

My goal is to be a small (and powerful) part of  the community creating next generation modern workplaces. I have quite a demanding but also a rewarding boss. Somehow she seems to know what motivates me!

Who are you?

What for?

Have you worked with  people who give you energy? Who create atmospheres where you achieve together? I am a multiplier of energy, some say. There is so much latent potential locked away in people, in groups and in organizations. I believe people can and want to perform and do well, simultaneously caring of their overall well-being, if the system around them allows them to.

The world is finally in real paradigm change. Top-down becomes co-creation, crowd sourcing, and transparency. The linear world, command-control behavior is turning into handling of complexity, agile, lean and self-organizing teams. Work/life balance becomes just balance. Data displaces guessing, and supports intuition. Old school leadership theories are vanished and hard core science about our brain and validated new methods arrive. People feel better, work smarter and become more creative/productive/focused – whatever is necessary in their specific situation. I can navigate both “old school” and “new school”. I speak “engineer”, “manager” and “HR”.

I can help in this transition. I can help you move, adjust and move again.

How do I work?

Depends on you, your organization and your desired outcome. I have a set of methods, tools, facilitation techniques, material, facts, games, network partners, connections and ideas. I suggest we go by a lean approach, with not thinking we know  or are able to plan everything up front. By validating our guesses we can adjust along the way, creating something really valuable and constantly walking in a valuable direction (or failing small, fast and cheap).

What is relevant about my work approach is how I think about planning. I do not believe in “plan-plan-plan-plan-until-your-power-point-is-perfect-ony-then-“implement”. I dislike the word “implement” when it comes to people’s behavioral change.

I work this way: plan (best guess) – try – talk/do with people – learn- adjust – try/do again – discuss – learn – adjust – plan some more – do – … So yes, I believe in planning. I just space out the planning in a lean way, because I can tell you with 100% certainty that any first plan is not accurate.

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