Great Sources of Agile HR


This is a blogpost to share useful links and references directly linked with Agile HR. I will gather sources here, and update this blogpost now and then with more sources. Agile HR as a concept is very new. In the start of  2013 nothing much came up when googleing the term. The term and field is still a niche, but constantly growing. Now large, global consultancies are publishing relevant predictions about the future of HR. And surprise, surprise! Agile HR is popping up as the a grand development need for HR.










Here are some great links about Agile HR to get started with.

When googleing “Agile HR” a lot of other links cite the first two abovementioned sources, all kudos for Accenture and Bersin & Associates! I’d recommend doing your own reading and deep thinking. This is something you don’t learn through flipping through summaries. Agile HR  really can’t be summarized very briefly – since it turns both management and HR upside down compared with traditional thinking.

When you have a strong common understanding of the paradigm shift in agile thinking (compared with the traditional top-down, command-control, stick-carrot kind of people practices now present in most companies), you can start thinking about creating Agile HR practices.

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